Actions and Messages in SEP

SEP lets you create, view and edit the same actions and messages that are visible to you from ReliaSoft desktop applications in My Portal. It also allows colleagues who do not use the desktop applications to stay up to date on assignments and team communication.

Tip: The action alert e-mails and portal messages generated by ReliaSoft applications can include links to view the action details in SEP. If these links are not working properly for your web portal, see SEP Admin Page.

My Actions Page

The My Actions page shows actions that are pending and are relevant to you for any of the following reasons:

  •  You need to review or approve the action.
  • You are responsible for the action.
  • You are a member of the team that is assigned to the action.
  • You are monitoring the action.
  • You created the action.

Working with the Actions Table

  • To filter actions, type text into the Find box and press Enter. The table will populate with actions that contain this text in the visible fields.
  • To group actions by a column, drag and drop the column heading onto the shaded panel.
  • To change the column order, drag and drop the column heading into the desired position.
  • To sort in ascending or descending order, click the Sort icon,.
  • To apply a built-in filter (blanks, non-blanks or unique values), click the Filter icon,.

Creating a New Action

  • To add a new action in the project that is currently active, click Create Action.
  • To create an action for a different project, you must first navigate to that project in SEP and then return to My Actions. (See Projects in SEP.)

Tip: The Project Summary, Project Plan (if enabled) and FMEAs pages also show actions for the active  project; however, they include actions that are not directly relevant to you or that have already been completed.

Messages Page

The Messages page shows ReliaSoft portal messages that are relevant to you, sent to you, sent to a user group that you belong to or sent to all users. These are the same messages that you can view in My Portal in the desktop applications. (See Portal Messages.)

  • To send a new message, click Create Message.
  • To reply to an existing message (if applicable), click Reply.

Tip: You can also create a dashboard tile that shows a specified quantity of your most recent messages. (See "Recent Messages Tile.")