SEP Dashboards

The SEP home page features a dashboard that consists of a flexible layout of customizable “tiles.” These tiles provide convenient, personalized access to key information that you’re tracking in a variety of graphical and tabular formats.

The SEP dashboard offers many new types of tiles — and even more customization options.

Default Dashboard

The first time you open SEP, you'll see a dashboard that has been preconfigured with a default layout and tile settings — either the dashboard that ships with SEP or one that has been customized specifically for your organization. This becomes your own personal dashboard, which you can customize for your needs. After you open SEP the first time, you'll no longer have access to your organization's default.

Note: SEP Admin Page outlines the procedure that admin users can follow to create a custom dashboard for their organization.

To customize your dashboard, you can add, delete, move or resize tiles (see below) and/or change their settings (see Tile Settings).

Add, Delete, Move or Resize a Tile

Any changes you make are saved automatically.

Add a Tile

To add a tile to your dashboard:

  1. Click the Add Tile button to open a popup window showing the available tile types.
  2. Select one or more tile types.
  3. Click Add.

You can filter the available tile types by category or use the search tool to find a tile based on its title or description.

Delete a Tile

To delete a tile from your dashboard, click the Delete icon .

Move or Resize a Tile

When you move or resize a tile, it “snaps” to the underlying grid, displacing other tiles as needed.

  • To move a tile, drag and drop it onto a different position using the title bar.
  • To resize a tile, click and drag one of its bottom corners.

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