Desktop Application Interfaces

Most ReliaSoft desktop applications have their own Multiple Document Interfaces (MDIs) that provide full-featured support for the relevant analysis methods.

When you are using multiple ReliaSoft applications simultaneously, different applications will open in separate MDIs but they can all connect to the same database, and even to the same analysis project.

All ReliaSoft MDIs share a common structure, which includes the following elements.

Ribbon and Backstage View

The ribbon at the top of the MDI is divided into tabs that organize commands into logical groups. Some tabs will always be available (such as File, Home, etc.) while others are contextual and will appear only when you are working on a particular task.

The first tab , the File tab, provides access to a special type of interface called the Backstage view. This is where you will create and open databases, manage settings that apply to the entire database, access the Help Center, etc.

Project Manager and My Portal

The Project Manager allows you to manage the projects within the current database and, for many ReliaSoft applications, it also allows you to manage all of the folios, diagrams, reports, attachments, etc. in the currently open project(s). This panel is docked on the left side of the MDI and pinned by default. ("Pinned" means that the entire panel is always visible unless you decide to hide or "unpin" it.)

My Portal provides quick access to messages, assigned actions and other information that may be of personal interest to you while working in the ReliaSoft applications. This panel is docked on the right side of the MDI and unpinned by default. ("Unpinned" means that only a small tab will be visible in the interface unless you move the pointer over the tab to make the entire panel visible.)

For both of these MDI features, you can decide whether the panel will be visible and how it will be positioned in the interface. (See Show, Tile, Dock and Pin Panels.)

Tip: If desired, you can change the overall color scheme used in the MDIs for all ReliaSoft desktop applications on your computer. Use the Skins drop-down list on the Common Settings page of the Application Setup to select the style you prefer.

Status Bar

As an example, the following picture shows the status bar at the bottom of the MDI for an enterprise database:

For more information about the connection speed indicator, see Enterprise Database Connection Speed.